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May 2013

To track the work of Penn State student teams in May, please visit: Core Team – BioE Clinical Breath Analyzer Team – BioE Chang’aa Team – BioE UTI Team  –

More Moves

Yesterday was our last day in Nyeri for the time being. As per usual, multiple events happened just as we were leaving and we scrambled to try to tie up loose ends. Four weeks ago, we attempted to open a business bank account under the CYEC. We are currently using a personal account to do … Continue reading


Mashavu continues to run smoothly here in Kenya. The past two weeks have been less stressful, but have been full of completing small tasks that each contribute to Mashavu’s operational success. Immediately following the launch day, we met with the District Minister of Health to brief him on what happened and discuss plans moving forward. … Continue reading

A New Mashavu

Today was the day. The day we turned a project into a profitable enterprise.  The day we turned models into managed business. The day we may have finally cured our pilotitis. Yesterday, we went on a day trip to Nairobi to collect last minute things for today’s meeting, so that we would be completely ready … Continue reading

Haraka Haraka

Steve and I have been in Nairobi for the past 3 days, both working to organize Mashavu’s next steps and also a variety of small CYEC-focused projects. The main task of Friday included shipping rice bags to the US to aid the greenhouse team’s research. The guy working at FedEx thought we were insane because we … Continue reading


Over the past week, we have tried to map out exactly what it is we want to accomplish while here. Our goals are to 1. Fix all existing problems with Mashavu and 2. Move to a standardized business model for all of our Mashavu Kiosk Operators (MKOs). Currently, two of the MKOs are paying us … Continue reading


We have returned! I am excited to finally be in Kenya as a HESE Fellow. Over the past three years, I have been the lead on the academic  side of Mashavu and now this opportunity allows me to shift my full attention to advancing groundwork. I finally have the time to develop deep relationships with … Continue reading