Over the past week, we have tried to map out exactly what it is we want to accomplish while here. Our goals are to 1. Fix all existing problems with Mashavu and 2. Move to a standardized business model for all of our Mashavu Kiosk Operators (MKOs). Currently, two of the MKOs are paying us a monthly fee and two are paying us a small fee per consultation – but neither of those business models affords us true sustainability. We are currently mapping out plans to determine to best go about achieving our goals. In the mean time, we are meeting with each MKO and partner individually to get their opinions of Mashavu and also to hear their opinions on various challenges that have arisen. 

On Monday, we were able to talk with Dr. Munyua, the District Medical Officer of Health in Nyeri for 2 hours. Dr. Munyua is a young, intelligent guy who truly understands what Mashavu is and where it is trying to go. In our meeting, we were able to provide him with updates, talk strategy, hear suggestions, and discuss future projects with Penn State Medical Students. Though he is not the easiest person to get a hold of, because he is so busy, the effort is certainly worthwhile. Plus, I had never been to the part of Nyeri where his office is located so it was nice to explore new corners of the town. 

The Delft students leave on Friday and so Steve and I are stepping back slightly and allowing them to say their goodbyes and finish up work without any interference from us. In the mean time, we have taken on several projects around the CYEC including: searching for scythe manufacturers in Kenya, fixing broken locks, helping to get the recently acquired pyrolysis machine up and running, and organizing a charcoal bricket business for some of the youth. 

One thing is for sure – it sure is nice to bask in warm days and cool nights while the US is experiencing freezing temperatures 🙂